Disneyland Giveaway!!

Life gets pretty challenging at times. Work, school, obligations, stress!! With school just starting back up and everyone getting back into the swing of things we thought it would be fun to spice things up a bit. We put our heads together and thought what could we do to bring a little cheer to the people around us? So, we thought about our own memories of fun and wanted to give you the chance at making fun memories too…

Displaying Disneyland Mertens.jpg 

Win A 2-Day Family 4-Pack of Tickets to Disneyland

Sponsored by Mertens Insurance

To enter, simply click on the link below  http://mertensinsurance.com/windisney.html

We will only need 10-15 minutes of your time on the phone or email and we won’t be a nuisance afterwards. We love our clients and our community and just want a chance to show you how much we really love you! (And possibly get you better insurance than what you currently have!)

Stay connected with us through facebook: 


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